Uncontested Divorce
Helpful guidance on decision making and legal formalities

For many divorcing couples, an uncontested divorce makes sense. If you can agree on all the issues that require a resolution, you can save a lot of time, anxiety, and money.

Many people find, however, that a good understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities can help them make better decisions.

I’ve seen situations where young people divorcing after a marriage of just a few years were going to divide assets that would not have counted as marital property under Washington law. I’ve also seen cases where the spouses were going to agree to a waiver of child support that state law would never have recognized.

My goal is not to turn an amicable divorce into a long and costly battle. Instead, it’s to help you make the best decisions based on an accurate understanding of the law.

If you and your spouse think that uncontested divorce is the way to go,
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I’ll help you figure out whether you can actually reach an agreement on all the matters you’ll need to address in your divorce papers. If my help with document preparation is all that’s necessary to formalize your uncontested divorce, I’m happy to do so.