Modification & Enforcement
Modifications to support changing circum-stances

Divorce and family law cases are not like other legal problems, where you settle a dispute or adjust a claim and that’s the end of it. More often than not, a divorce case will establish continuing rights and obligations with respect to child support, maintenance or parenting time. Because situations change, modification of a family court order is possible.

In all modification actions, the party seeking modification must prove that the modification is justified and all of the conditions have been met. To find out whether your case involves changed circumstances sufficient to support the modification of an order for child support, custody or maintenance, you should get the advice of an experienced lawyer.

When the other party just won’t pay

If you’re not receiving court-ordered payments, it may be that there is a change in circumstances preventing the other party from paying. I can help you negotiate a temporary agreement that takes the changing circumstances into account.

If, on the other hand, the other party simply isn’t paying they are violating (disobeying) court orders. The courts have wide discretion in determining how to compel delinquent parties to pay, including contempt, a judgment, income withholding, a writ of execution, etc.

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