Child Support
Establishing fair child support

Child support can be an issue in divorce cases, as well as parenting plan modifications, paternity, non-parental custody, and relocation. In all of these cases, the courts are required to ensure that an appropriate child support arrangement is reached in all family law cases that involve children. This helps ensure that parents adequately support their own children rather than state taxpayers.

Calculating Child Support

Child support payments are calculated based on a statutory formula. To estimate basic child support obligations in your case, visit the Washington State Child Support Calculator provided by Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

While it may seem a simple matter of plugging numbers into a spreadsheet, child support cases are often complex, requiring representation from a knowledgeable lawyer. In addition to basic child support obligations, parents will also have to share the burden of additional expenses, often referred to as “extraordinary expenses.” Extraordinary expenses do not fall under the category of child support. These expenses can include education, extracurricular activities, travel, etc.

To arrive at a fair child support resolution, you need a lawyer who will help you avoid problems on either side of a child support case.

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