Child Custody & Visitation
Establishing agreements based on your children’s best interests

Disputes over child custody and visitation can sometimes cause more anxiety and bitterness between divorcing spouses than all the other issues put together. I am committed to helping you find a way to accommodate your own role as a parent with the legitimate interests of the other parent.

When people respect one another as parents and can cooperate as to the major decisions that will affect their children, the legal resolution of child custody and visitation issues can be fairly simple. Most of the problems to be resolved will be logistical or practical in nature. An agreement can be worked out fairly quickly in a separation agreement or uncontested divorce.

Protecting your children’s safety

The law presumes that a stable, meaningful, substantial and ongoing relationship with both parents is in every child’s best interests, but it also recognizes that not every parent is capable of acting effectively as a mother or father. If any factors threaten your children’s well-being, such as domestic violence or substance abuse concerns, I am prepared to help protect your children’s safety.

Preserving your child custody rights

Nobody is perfect. If you need help, for example, with presenting your own parental performance in a positive light or with developing your potential as a parent, I can direct you to the right resources. It may be helpful, when presenting your case, to show that you sought professional counseling or treatment to overcome a troubled record or allegations of abuse by your former partner. I can work with you to preserve your relationship with your children.

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Whether you need advice about the logistics of an agreed parenting schedule or advocacy in a sharply contested child custody dispute, I can address your rights and responsibilities as a parent. I want to help you define and pursue your own goals for yourself and your children.