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Supreme Court affirms that “reckless” domestic abusers lose gun rights

Icon Written by CPorterEsq on June 29, 2016 – 7:04 am

Domestic violence and guns are known to be a deadly combination. Over half of all women killed by intimate partners between 2001 to 2012 were killed using a gun, according to the Center for American Progress. Experts say that if an abuser has access to a gun, victims are five times more likely to be killed. A domestic […]

Tracing assets is at the heart of characterizing property in a divorce

Icon Written by CPorterEsq on April 18, 2016 – 8:29 am

Property division is one of the thorniest issues couples face when going through a divorce. In a community property state, like Washington, it can be confusing to determine exactly how courts will order the distribution of assets. A recent appeal of a trial court’s characterization and distribution of retirement and investment accounts offers a helpful […]

Third party custody only granted in extraordinary circumstances

Icon Written by CPorterEsq on December 7, 2015 – 1:26 pm

If a grandparent has been caring for their grandchild for a while because the child’s parents have been unable to provide a stable home, it seems only natural that s/he might want to petition the court for permanent custody of that child. The Washington Court of Appeals made it clear in a ruling issued last […]

Supreme court rules will contests require personal service

Icon Written by CPorterEsq on September 30, 2015 – 1:15 pm

Last week, Washington’s supreme court issued its decision in In re Estate of Jepsen. The case centered on a procedural issue, involving the commencement of a will contest. Virginia Jepsen passed away in November 2011. A month later, the superior court admitted Virginia’s will to probate, declared the estate was solvent, and appointed a personal representative (PR) with nonintervention powers. […]

3 most important cases for corporate America in the upcoming Supreme Court term

Icon Written by CPorterEsq on September 29, 2011 – 10:41 am

The Supreme Court’s 2011-2012 term begins in four days. Putting aside the health-care fracas, there aren’t any blockbuster business cases on the court’s docket that rank with last term’s Wal-Mart and AT&T cases, which made it more difficult to bring class actions. There are, however, several cases of note which could impact corporate America. Here […]